Rug Guide

Shedding is normal for a new rug and should go away within a month or two.

Yes, but this service is currently only available in Delhi.

Rotating the rug every few months will ensure the rug wears evenly.

Yes, it will keep the rug in place.

Some rugs have a distinct smell. Let the rug air out as it might have been wrapped up for a while. The smell will dissipate in a few days or a week.

If your rug gets heavy use, we recommend having it cleaned once a year by a professional rug cleaning service. Other than that, regular vacuuming is highly recommended to keep it in shape.

Roll the rug, wrap it in plastic (like how you got it), then seal the package with tape. Poke some hole in the plastic to let it breathe.

Rugs fade when exposed to sunlight. Keep the shades drawn during daytime.

Yes, just share them at and our design team will suggest some options for your room.

Yes, but due to the handcrafted nature of the product and depending on which computer you use, the actual colour may vary slightly.